Sliding Wardrobe Door Guide

A space-saving way to create valuable storage in a bedroom, guest room, or dressing room, sliding wardrobe doors can turn any closet into a stylish focal point.


Types of Sliding Wardrobe Door




Mirrored sliding doors are a great alternative to a freestanding mirror and mean you don’t have to find wall or floor space for a separate mirror. The reflective surface also bounces light back into the room, making small or dark spaces feel bright and inviting. In a dressing area, a mirrored door will make it easier to try on outfits or get ready for the day ahead.




Panelled sliding doors are available in a variety of styles, including classic shaker or modern, minimalist designs. With a range of colour options to choose from, it is easy to find doors to match the decor of a room.


Benefits of Sliding Wardrobe Doors


Space saving


Unlike a side-hinged wardrobe door, sliding doors don’t open out into the room, so take up less space. This makes sliding doors a great solution in a compact room and allows furniture to be placed closer to the wardrobe, making the most of floorspace.


Conceal clutter


From clothes and accessories to spare bedding, bedrooms can be a magnet for clutter. Sliding doors hide everything out of sight to keep the room neat and tidy, creating a more peaceful sleeping space. 




Investing in made-to-measure wardrobe doors means that any room can be enhanced with a bespoke closet. This allows custom-made storage to be slotted into any awkward alcove or narrow space, making it easier to organise a bedroom or guest room.


Suitable for any room


Sliding doors can be used around the home to create easy-access storage. In a home office, use sliding doors to section off a space for files and paperwork, or fit sliding doors in a playroom to keep toys and games neatly organised.


Add value to a home


With storage high on potential buyers’ wishlists, adding a bespoke wardrobe space to your home could increase its appeal when the time comes to sell. It will also make it easier to quickly hide any clutter before house viewings.


How to Choose Sliding Doors

With a variety of designs on offer, it can be tricky to choose a style when picking sliding wardrobe doors. Follow these tips to find the best sliding doors for your Milton Keynes home.


  • Consider the room decor. Whether creating a coordinated look with doors which match the scheme of the room, or mixing and matching colours to add contrast, consider the decor of the bedroom or guest room when choosing a design.


  • Measure the space. Sliding doors allow a wardrobe to be created in almost any space, including rooms with sloping ceilings or narrow alcoves. Look at the layout of the room to see where a wardrobe can be fitted – you may be able to gain more storage than you think.


  • Decide whether a mirror is needed. If you want a spot to get dressed in the morning, or are looking for ways to make a small room seem more spacious, a mirrored sliding door is a good option. However, a sliding door with solid panels can help create a cosier look and feel, and works well if you have floor space for a freestanding mirror.


Installing Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding wardrobe doors glide open and shut along tracks which sit at the top and bottom of the wardrobe space. When buying made-to-measure sliding doors, these tracks are precisely cut to fit the storage area. The door panels are then slotted into the tracks, allowing the doors to slide back and forth. 

Installation is usually straightforward and suppliers of sliding doors in Bedford will often provide an installation service to ensure a precise and professional fit.


Wardrobe Accessories

Storage accessories are available to complete the closet, including rails, shelving, and drawers. This storage can be configured to match the items you need to organise, from bed linen to boots and shoes.

Other optional accessories include soft-close mechanisms which prevent the doors slamming shut. As well as reducing noise when the door is in use, this reduces damage to the door over time.


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