Top Tips for Small Kitchen Designs in 2022

When it comes to redesigning a small kitchen it’s important to consider how to make the most of your space. This can be difficult to do if this is your first time redesigning your kitchen. We have listed below some tips and tricks which should make the job easier!  


Smart storage can make your space tidy as you hide away unwanted items and save space. Even in a small kitchen, storage can be found in the smallest places including window sills, corner cupboards, backsplash and more. If you don’t have cabinets for storage you can use hooks, pegboards and lazy suzan furniture by adding them to surfaces and walls. 

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Islands are normally associated with big open kitchens and sound like a bad idea for smaller kitchens. However, small kitchens designed right can include kitchen islands or breakfast tables which will add extra storage and surface space. Not only this but they make the kitchen a great social hub!  

Sliding Doors

Saving space in a small kitchen can be a challenge, one way to go about this is adding a sliding door to the kitchen. This will not only divide the space in your home but also help with smells travelling from the kitchen through your entire house. 

Floor to Ceiling Cabinets 

If you are upgrading your cabinets flooring to ceilings, cabinets are a great option as they will add extra storage space. This is helpful when it comes to storing items that you don’t use as often making it a great use of cabinets and the footprint of the kitchen. 

Choosing The Right Colour 

Opt for calming neutrals when designing a small kitchen but this doesn’t have to mean boring beiges, why not try pastel greens and blues or white and greys. White can be paired nicely with patterned tiles such as marble. A new colour scheme can refresh the kitchen and give it a new spacious look. 


With these tips and tricks you are ready to DIY your kitchen but if you would like to speak to an expert or explore our products, contact the Mirrorspan team on 01234 871022 or fill out a quick enquiry form