Five Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

From clothes and shoes to other clutter, lots of things live in our wardrobes. If you want to get organised and make the most of the storage space in your bedroom, custom-made fitted wardrobes offer a stylish solution. Here are five reasons why you should consider investing in fitted wardrobes, made-to-measure by Mirrorspan.

Maximise Storage Space

Unlike freestanding furniture which might not fill the entire wall, fitted wardrobes are designed to use up every inch of available space – providing floor-to-ceiling storage in even the smallest rooms. In a compact bedroom, sliding doors make it easy to open and close your wardrobes without taking up floor space, so you can place a bed or other furniture nearby without blocking access to your storage.

Sleep In Style

Because we offer a variety of design options for our bespoke wardrobes, you can find furniture that matches the style of your living space. Choose from heritage-inspired framed designs, like our Chardonnay and Windsor ranges, or go for something sleek and contemporary, like our Roma and Mayfair collections. Whatever look you want to achieve, we can help you choose the right option to bring it to life.

Fill Awkward Spaces

Freestanding, off-the-shelf wardrobes can be tricky to slot into awkward spaces, especially if there are eaves, alcoves or uneven walls and floors to contend with. Fitted wardrobes provide a solution to this. By designing bespoke wardrobes tailored to your home, our team can work around any tricky features of your bedroom, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

Enjoy Custom Built-In Storage

While you might store clothes in your main bedroom, you may need a place to keep towels and bedding organised in your guest room. That’s why we offer custom built-in storage to make your individual wardrobes work for you. This can include a combination of rails, shelving and drawers, giving you the freedom to tailor your bedroom storage to suit your home and lifestyle.  

Declutter Your Bedroom

Because they offer more storage than freestanding furniture, fitted wardrobes make it easier to keep your bedroom neat and organised. So you can enjoy a sleeping space that is tranquil and relaxing, rather than climbing over clutter to reach the bed.

Think that fitted wardrobes could be the stylish storage solution you have been looking for? Contact Mirrorspan today to take the first step towards enhancing your bedroom with your own bespoke furniture.